Arminda García

Cheesemaker at Finca de Uga (Lanzarote, Spain)

Arminda García

Acknowledged nationally as an expert cheesemaker, Arminda García has been involved in the Finca de Uga project for ten years.

A qualified vet, Arminda García is 38 years old, and has been working at Finca de Uga for ten of them. This Lanzarote cheese factory has focused specifically on animal production, organising and working with livestock, although it has a comprehensive vision of cheesemaking, from origins, extraction of the raw materials and milk, right up to consumption of the end product.

García was secretary of the Lanzarote Association of Cheese Factories for four years, she teaches courses on cheesemaking and cheesetasting, and has been speaker at a number of gastronomic fairs. This year she was on the panel judging the prestigious World Cheese Awards in Asturias.

Arminda García



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